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About Us

We are a team of professionals passionate for trading. Trading on currency, commodity and stock markets has been a great part of our lives. And then, we got together one day and started building... robots. Robots you can't touch, since they live in the virtual world, but can make money. Not virtual money. Real money.

These robots made of ones and zeroes (and living in our servers) are called automatic trading systems. We build and test them on very high quality data of currency, equity and commodity markets. We systematically analyze and evaluate the data to create profitable trading strategies for algorithmic trading.

Each strategy, based on data, computations and our own knowledge and experience from active trading, is subjected to as much as 10 000 stress tests, simulating the market in both ordinary and extreme situations.

However, our testing is not only virtual. Before we send robots to service and handle their users' accounts, we test their trading in real time, on our own live accounts.

We keep watching our robotic children even after that, monitoring the market and tweaking our strategies based on the outcome. This way, the users always have the best chance to make money.

Why Use Our Robots?

Trading on currency, equity and commodity markets is not reserved to big players anymore. Even a small trader can enter these markets on his own. But to be successful, the trader needs to either acquire and further enhance a particular set of skills and expertise, or he or she can use modern technology in the form of ATS robots.

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Besides automatic trading systems, we provide other services, including consultancy and strategy providing.

Our team

Boris Kalicov
Boris Kalicov
+420 777 142 031
Petr Šulc
Petr Šulc
+420 724 176 057

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