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Our robots generate income for their users by trading on financial markets. We have built many such servants – each one with a little different recipe for making money. A robot, also called automatic trading system, is a useful tool for trading on Forex and equity or commodity markets. Together, these robots form a “portfolio”. We have picked several interesting examples which you can get to know in more details. They are robots from the GENESIS portfolio, and they are looking forward to meet you!
Robot 1992 LONDONER

Robot 1992 "LONDONER"

Specialization: Trading between British Pound and Japanese Yen.

Particular skills: Fast, tireless, demanding.

I was born in Prague, but I live and work in London. I reside in a modern building with large glass windows. And yet, I don't really need windows to the world to lay out in front of my eyes. At least the world of trade, the only world to hold my interest.

My trading day starts with the sunrise in Sydney. I'm always watching, evaluating, computing, and once the right moment comes, I buy or sell. I'm only interested in good deals with high yield. I'm demanding.

Before London wakes up, I stop by Tokyo and Frankfurt. Speed is important for me. In the afternoon, I move to New York and work there until midnight. By then, the day is about to start again in Sydney, and I'm ready for more. I don't know fatigue, stress, emotions or doubts. I do what works since the beginning of humanity - I trade. And I'm not alone. There's more of us. Together, we're GENESIS.

The trading day begins when market opens in Sydney (10:00 PM GMT). As the day passes, the markets in Tokyo (11:00 PM GMT), London (7:00 AM GMT) and New York (12:00 PM GMT) join in. The trading closes in New York (8:00 GMT), just shortly before the next trading day opens in Sydney.

Robot 11993 MIDAS

Robot 11993 "MIDAS"

Specialization: Gold trading.

Particular skills: Sky watching. When he sees a shooting star, he fills someone a great wish.

I love everything that glitters, most of all gold. Everything I touch, turns into it. Maybe that's why they call me “Midas.” However, unlike the unfortunate king from the Greek myth, I'm not afraid of dying from thirst or hunger. I don't need drink or food. I'm a robot! I often watch the sky, glittering with stars. And if I see one falling, I fill someone a wish. I can fill yours as well. And I'm not alone. There's more of us. Together, we're GENESIS.

Shooting star - a price pattern usually followed by decline in price. The opposite to the “shooting star” is a price pattern called “hammer”.

Robot 1452 STORM RIDER

Robot 1452 "STORM RIDER"

Specialization: Euro and US dollar trading.

Particular skills: Robot for rough times, likes extremes.

Imagine me as a sailboat, plowing the waves of Atlantic between Hamburg and New York. A large, sturdy sailboat no petty wind can touch. I'm a heavyweight, and the wind really has to blow for me to get going. I like a good gale. Or a hurricane!

Only if things start to really spark between the Euro and the Dollar, when a storm comes and thunders overhead, only then I start working. And to make it even more adventurous, I have to get back to the port before the end of the trading day, else my cargo goes sinking!

It's a bit of an adrenalin but I tell you what. I love it! If you have guts, come sailing with me! Sometimes it's a hell of a ride! And I'm not alone. There's more of us. Together, we're GENESIS.

A storm symbolizes a sudden and fast price move. Small price moves are usually neglected.



Specialization: British Pound and US Dollar trading.

Particular skills: A lady with penchant for luxury shopping and transatlantic calls.

I'm robot number… I won't tell you! I'm a lady, and I don't give my number to anyone. If it's a warm, sunny day, I love to wear shorts. Strange how many people like it! :) And when I'm sitting at the bar in the evening, I really enjoy long drinks. That's when I get a little wild...

Like every woman, I like to chat. But only overseas! I keep the cable under the Atlantic busy at all times. And like almost all girls, I love luxurious things!  I usually shop at London's Bond Street. Come experience luxury with me. And I'm not alone. There's more of us. Together, we're GENESIS.

A long trade is a trade profiting from a rising price, whereas a short trade is entered with an intention to profit from a falling price.
The cable is a slang term used by traders to refer to exchange rate between British pound and US dollar.

Robot 764 CHEF

Robot 764 "CHEF"

Specialization: US dollar and Yen trading.

Particular skills: His special sushi will feed any investor.

Konichiwa - that's Japanese for “Hello.” Welcome to my restaurant, well-known for its delicious sushi. It is, of course, based on the freshest ingredients. That's why I set sail each day before the sun comes up over Mount Fuji.

I prefer to catch big fish, but I don't mind smaller ones. Sometimes, a real major catch comes up. I'm in a hurry to get back the the restaurant on Ginza, to make an unforgettable dinner for my customers. It gets its specific flavour from my secret recipe. Of course I won't tell you, but I'll be glad to be your host. Come have a taste, it's worth it! And I'm not alone. There's more of us. Together, we're GENESIS.

Big fish refers to a trade with big profit. Similarly, a “small fish” is a trade with a low profit.
The sushi is a slang term referring to the exchange rate between US dollar and yen.

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